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Breakfast club

breakfastWe can provide the children with a healthy breakfast to start the day (included in the price), they can choose from a variety of cereals, porridge, toast, pastries, plus fruit etc. 


In the mornings the children have free play and are able to play with all the toys, games and crafts which we have, some children sit quietly and do their homework or listen to the younger children read.


If children are to have breakfast with us we ask for them to arrive no later than 8am, this then given the children a chance to eat without rushing and spend some time with the other children before heading off to school. We also ask for all childen to be in no later 8.25am as children arrving after this time makes it difficult for us to get ready for school; we aim to leave at 8.30am, sometimes we need to leave before this time, if you arrive after 8.30am you may find that we've already left and you will need to take your child to school.


Travelling to School

Breakfast club is for children who attend Box Primary School, Box Pre-school Playgroup and Neston Primary School (limited spaces).


When walking to Box School from Box Kids the children wear pink hi-viz jackets with the club's name and number on and walk in pairs (older-younger), they walk in-between two members of staff if two staff are needed, if only one is needed the staff member goes at the back and the oldest child goes at the front. The school crossing is used and when in the Market Place a member of staff stands in the road to stop the traffic to enable the children to cross safely.


When taking to Neston Primary School staff use the Club's vehicles a Vaxhall Zafira and a Citron Dispatch, both cars have business insurance and have up to date insurance, MOT and services. If the children 135cm or under they will use a booster/car seat to ensure they are safe in the car. All children are taught about being safe in the car and staff do not go anywhere until seatbelts are on.


We hand over any children who attend Box Pre-school Playgroup at 8.40am before taking the older children to school. All children are escorted to their classrooms to ensure they are safe and any messages passed on to the teacher.

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