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Can I come and visit?

Box Kids welcomes all visitors. If you would like to come and have a look around then please contact our team and we will be happy to arrange a convenient.


Can I pay using childcare vouchers?

Yes you can, we are registered with quite a few companies. To name a few: Care4, Faircare, Computer Serve, Busy Bees, Edenred, PES, RG Childcare, Kiddicare Vouchers.


Why is there so much paperwork to complete and read?

It is of the upmost importance that we obtain as many details about a child as possible to ensure their welfare at Box Kids. Before your child starts, a completed registration form, parent contract, safeguarding form must be filled in and returned prior to their starting date.

What happens if my child has an accident while in your care?

Accidents do occasionally happen, when they do all our staff are fully trained holding a Paediatric First Aid certificate.


If a child has an accident the parent and carer will be informed when the child is collected and they will be asked to sign an accident form. In the event of a bump to the head, parents will be informed by telephone. The child is monitored and in most cases will be able to continue playing. In the event of a bump to the head causing concern, parents will be asked to collect the child and take them to their GP. Parents are given a copy of the accident form.


Should a child have an incident while at Box Kids which requires further medical support parents are contacted immediately and the necessary action is taken, in extreme cases this could involve calling for the support of a paramedic. Please see our first aid policy.


How many trained first aiders are on site each day?

There must be at least one person on duty who has a paediatric first aid certificate. All staff are Box Kids hold a paediatric first aid certificate.


Does anyone else use the building at the same time as Box Kids?

Box Preschool Playgroup also use the building term time during the times Box Kids are not operating. During the holidays we have sole use of the building.

What activities are available and can the children choose what they do?

We believe Out of school clubs should be relaxation time for children. The children can choose activities that interest them and not be restricted to activities arranged by the staff. We do have planned adult-led activities which the children can participate in if they choose too.


What sanctions does Box Kids use for inappropriate behaviour?

We operate a planet system, all the children start on Earth (Green), if they need to be reminded or spoken too about inappropriate behaviour they move down to Venus (Orange), if their behaviour improves they can move back to earth but if their behaviour carries on being inappropriate or they do something which endangers others they move to Mars (Black) if this happens then parents/carers are informed.


Why do I need to let you know if my child is not attending a session?

One of the reasons is so we do not spend time looking for your child at school, and secondly we have ratios to follow, if your child is not coming another child may be able to attend. It is very important if your child goes to a school where we need to use our cars, as it may mean we only have to take one car if we usually take two or it may mean we do not need to collect from the school at all.


What happens if I need to get someone else to collect my child one day?

If someone we haven't met collects your child we need them to have a password which only you, them and the club knows this is to help keep the children safe.. If someone comes to collect your child and you have not informed us we will check your child's registration form and give you a call to check. We will never release a child into the custody of another person without your express permission



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